My name is Rob Perreault. I am an actor, artist, activist, graphic designer, musician, and Dad who truly loves constantly working on things that people will enjoy. I've been many things in this life so far; a sandwich maker, a painter, a construction worker, a dock-boy, and more and yeah sure life’s tough, certainly. Yet who cares? It's the challenges, and overcoming them that make us each who we are. However it is not the one who sits idly by wandering through a virtual space without any intention of moving forward into action who reaches their goals. The one who seeks fortune may fade, yet if anyone works hard enough they can attain greatness and leave a lasting impression to help along the future generations of humanity with their art or music or work that they've left behind. 

My ultimate truth is that I fell in love with art, film, and music at a very early age, listening to and watching my Father playing in bands and learning about what it takes to create really good tunes. I fell in love with the arts as well from watching amazing action films like "The Matrix". Moreover I am inspired by my family, as well as others, as we go through the everyday trials and tribulations of life... As I've grown older I've realized that in life there are many things one must do to become, who they want to be or more accurately, who they were made to be. This is part of that dream, my dream, to become the best I can be. People will always have opinions, thoughts, feelings and ideas so here are my own. On this page, everything comes straight from my heart.

Now I have so many family members and friends who have supported me along the way that I must thank, so thank you everyone, I love you each so passionately. Even though sometimes I know it may not seem like it, I'll always hold each of you deep within my heart.

 I love creating new things, and thinking about the future and where we're all headed. I figure the best I can do is just keep moving forward. With my ideas, with my beliefs and opinions like anyone, I must move forward and work my ass off while doing it. My music, film, and art are all pieces of me that I hope will last forever. I guess that's partially why I do what I do, to touch the lives of as many people as I can, and to share my stories with them so that hopefully one day I will leave a positive, lasting, legacy. 

When it comes to the things I create, especially here, I focus on creating art, music, or designs that people are genuinely captivated & entertained by.  I love creating art that people will like and will enjoy wondering about, or looking forward to.

 I can't put into words how much the audience means to me, how much you mean to me. Because in all truth if it wasn't for the audience; the artist, the actor, the musician, and the poet, as well as many others, simply will not have had existed for there will have been no one to share their work with. It's a big world, and they say it gets bigger. I want to see it all, yet I often find myself being pessimistic, about people, the world, money, energy, politics, war, famine, disease, and the void. Yet here I am, ready and willing to move forward. I am moving forward with big dreams, feelings, ideas, and hopes. 

I will keep writing music, designing new things, and performing probably until the day I either retire, or die. I will do my best, as I hope you do every day.

To anyone reading my material, supporting my art, and listening to my music: Thank you.
    Yours truly,